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Softball Dugout Railings

The NCAA is changing the regulations for the height of softball dugout rails.  Based on the new regulations, many dugouts currently are not in compliance.  

Regarding enclosing the field side of the dugout, Rule 2.10 of the 2016 - 2017 NCAA Softball Rules Changes states:

"It is highly recommended that the field side of the dugout be protected with netting or fencing no less than 6 feet from the floor of the dugout except for the designated entrances/exits.  Protection is required by the 2018 season."

BTP Sports has several options to help you meet the new NCAA regulations:


Dugouts with traditional railings already installed

To retro-fit a dugout with an existing rail system, a series of taller  posts and netting can be installed in front of your current railing. 






If you want to replace your old rails, or are installing railings for the first time, here are just a couple of the designs available from BTP Sports:


Railing system with a leaning rail


This design incorporates an offset "leaning rail" on the dugout side of the rail system.  The leaning rail is typically set at 42" high but it can be set at any height you choose. 






Standard railing system without a leaning rail



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